Zen Readings by Heather

, South Island New Zealand


There are many different types/styles of readings that I have used over the last thirty years. After study involving various types of philosophy and belief systems in the development of my own consciousness I now concentrate on Zen readings. I believe and have experienced that one can change one's life from the inside out and have written a book to that effect entitled 'Inside Out; A pagan tale for the child within.'

A Zen reading comments on one's consciousness at the time of the reading and specific questions may be asked but it is preferable to first do a general reading which may reveal the real problem which may or may not be apparent to the client. Zen readings help illuminate situations so that the recipient can take appropriate action or understand the attitude to take. Many people have found it to be especially helpful in cutting to the heart of the matter and for helping them to more fully develop.

Normally I do an overall reading as to the situation that you face at the present time or you can be specific in your questions for which I will do a reading.

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