3 easy steps

1. Free sign-up

You can bookmark any psychics you like + send direct messages to psychics

2. Psychic Registration

First log-in and then select "profiles" from the left menu to begin. USD $7

3. Customers contact you

Customers contact you by any method that you choose to show in your profile



Q. How can I be featured higher in search results:

When your webpage at gets lots of views, it will then automatically be shown higher in search results.


Q. Can the same profile be listed under multiple categories?

In addition to your "primary" category, eg. "by videocall", you can list in 2 extra categories for free, e.g. "by phone" and "by email".


Q. How does the annual awards program work?

Simply by being a registered psychic, you're in the running for our 11 annual awards. Select the "About" page from the top menu to see a list of the 11 different awards.


Q. Can customers leave reviews?

Not yet. We can easily enable that feature if enough registered psychics vote for it in our annual survey. If we ever activate it, you'll be able to email our head office to request the deletion of any review you believe is unfair. The mission of the World Psychic Organization is to build the confidence of psychic readers around the globe, not to diminish it due to the occasional disgruntled customer. Unlike Google, we prioritize psychics over the end-users of psychic services. You support us, so we, in turn, support you. Of course, if a psychic requests the deletion of too many reviews per year, we may revoke their registration to protect the public.