Akashic Records. Mediumship

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Akashic records readings. (Find out your energy centre, soul group of origination, soul mission, soul specialisation, life lessons, soul vibration rate, blocks and restrictions.) Akashic records relationship readings. (Past lifetimes together, life lessons relevant to the relationship). Akashic readings for business. Life situation readings. Clearing of the blocks and restrictions found during the reading.

Mediumship readings. My intention is to be the clearest possible vessel and bring detailed healing messages from your loved ones on the other side that will give you comfort and help you live a happier life knowing that they are still with you and death is an illusion.

Psychic reading. I will connect with your angels and guides to spiritually direct you on your Path.

Cord cutting. I will help you recover energy that has been lost and re-establish healthy energetic boundaries.


Type of reading: psychic
Email address: soulreadingsonline@gmail.com



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